Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Third Time's the Charm! Our House Selling/Buying Story Continues...

On October 24th, 2013, after having two previous deals fall through, we successfully closed and sold our first house! Yes, you read that right, I said October! It's been a crazy few months to say the least! And yes, that's really my house!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Have a Closing Date & We Moved Out!

Here's just another update to continue our house selling journey.. We anxiously awaited receiving a closing date. We were told it would be the week of the 14th, and were told to pack and be ready to move so that's exactly what we did. We packed up nearly our entire lives and put it in our living room. The house looked like disaster struck! I kept calling people because the last thing I wanted was less than 24 hours notice like, hey, can you close tomorrow morning? Because as motivated as we are to move, that would be a bit crazy with 2 kids and the dog.

I called, and called, and felt like I was harassing people. I was told it was crazy that we hadn't packed the week before and then when I explained that we went ahead and packed everything and were ready to move, that was crazy. I was told we couldn't push the bank because they really had until the end of November. I was told the bank probably will go past the buyer's rate expiration and they would have to ask the bank for a rate extension for free. All I heard was negativity.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Found a House!

I left off my last post saying we found a house on Long Island and that it was the last thing we expected. We have been going back and forth for the past year on whether we would stay here on LI, move to North Carolina, or move to Florida with my in-laws for a few years.

We figured that North Carolina is a great desire but not exactly realistic. The salary cut my husband would take is too great and we ideally want to go back to college. In NC, that would be next to impossible.

Over the first half of the year we were looking at some houses in Levittown, where my family grew up, where I pretty much grew up and where my family still is. Mike and I are very familiar with Levittown.. it's even where we were working together and met for the first time! During the summers we always drive out to my Grandmother's to take the kids in the pool, it's "Home." But Home, isn't always affordable!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moving Day is Almost Here!

Credit: Matt Cornock
I say moving day is almost here, even though we still don't have a closing date.... But we will soon! Last I wrote was early August, pretty bad. Heh. 

So we had just listed our house with a different realtor and were happy with the direction she was going in. This time around, we had a different attitude. I didn't go crazy cleaning and scrubbing, rather I made the house presentable. If someone was going to come in and decide not to put an offer on our house because of a tiny piece of dirt, then they weren't the right people anyway. Sure, the house looked clean but it was never 100%, and for once, I didn't mind.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Real Estate Horror Story.. I Can't Believe We're Back to Square One!

Can you believe we are back to square one with our house again? I can't! It's completely ridiculous! Last I left off we were in contract and just waiting on the buyer to secure his mortgage commitment. Even though his ratios were good, his backup plan was to have his parent(s) co-sign.

Well, he asked for an extension and it was like deja vu with the first buyers.We were told it was because he switched banks half way through the process for whatever reason and that he probably wouldn't actually need the full two weeks to get his mortgage. Either way, it meant a delayed closing but we were willing as long as it sold...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having one of those days...

We all  have them. One of those days where the day starts off on the wrong foot and just continues down hill. Maybe my day isn't necessarily going to crap but since my mood this morning started off bad, it's just carrying throughout the rest of the day.

I woke up this morning knowing I'd have to drive 50 miles (round trip) to go get X-rays done on pretty much every part of my body and that in doing so, I'd be leaving my sleeping husband with the two kids. I crawled out of bed, got the gook out of my eyes, grabbed some pop tarts and put them in the toaster only to see a bunch of ants on the wall behind the toaster and microwave. Awesome. I killed what I saw, decided against toasting my pop tarts with the possibility of cooking ants in there, and went on my way. I locked the front door behind me and noticed a few carpenter ants on the door frame so I tried to squish 'em. As I turned around, I walked through a spider web. I HATE BUGS. I've never lived anywhere with so many bugs and I seriously have a phobia. I get anxiety just going in my backyard.

Regardless, it was actually nice getting out of the house alone, listening to the music I wanted to listen to, not listening to my husband criticize my driving and not having any kids whining in the back. I was energized! I was told yesterday on the confirmation call from the office that I would have no wait like normal appointments (which is up to 2 hours!) and that I'd come in, go in the back, get X-rays and be in and out before I even knew what happened! Sounded good to me!

Well, after dealing with one A-hole after another on the road, I got to the office and ended up waiting 15 minutes. That's not so bad but they shouldn't set high expectations and then under deliver. That's the one thing I learned always working in retail and customer service: under promise, over deliver. That's the mentality I have so when the opposite is done to me, I just get irritated. Anywho, once I went in the back to get my X-rays, I was in there for about a half hour. So many positions and angles not to mention uncomfortable posing. It was painful for me so I was happy to leave.

I was lucky enough to find a spot right in the front but with that that resulted in was someone parking almost right behind me and partially blocking me in while the driver ran into an office for something. I actually would've been able to get out fine with about an 8 point turn (lol) thanks to my handy back up camera plus I'm good with my mirrors so I was going to do it! When I started backing up the person in the passenger seat reached over and started laying on the horn like I was going to hit her even though I wasn't. The honk told the driver to hurry up and get outside so she moved her car just in time.

All my energy during my drive to the office was completely gone by the time I got out and my drive home was exhausting. I guess I had a sugar crash from the pop tarts since that is NOT an ideal breakfast when you're an adult! Mike called asking where I was when I discovered he was not out of bed yet. I already knew because of the time that Elizabeth was likely soaked in pee and the kids needed to be fed but since we were out of wipes, Mike wouldn't change them. What horse shit. When I got home, I forgot I had to walk on the grass around the walkway and I felt the rest of the spider web go across my forehead. When I walked in the door I heard Elizabeth calling for me from her room which meant I was right about her being soaked. I should've put her potty in there, but its no ones fault except my husband's. *Cue cursing under breath, now.*

When I opened her door I got hit with the overwhelming stench of urine. Her diaper was almost hanging to her knees and it was beyond full. I checked her bed and that was all wet too. Time to strip the bed and clean Elizabeth! Now that she was in a diaper all night and morning, she was insisting on wearing a new one. That wasn't going to happen since we have made great strides in the potty training department! No diapers during awake time with no accidents for 4 days straight. I like catching her in the morning before her first pee but so much for that. Yet, she wanted a diaper and threw a hitting and screaming tantrum because I wouldn't put one on her. No worries, I didn't give in.

Mikey was actually sleeping and perfectly fine so that was good. I was expecting him to be spreading poop around his crib. It was time to feed the kiddos and Elizabeth decided she wanted one thing, then when I got it she wanted another, and each time I said no she would scream and throw herself on the floor. She also threw mini tantrums each time I told her to EAT her food and took the iPad away. WHEN DID SHE START ACTING THIS WAY! Seems like she woke up on the wrong side of the piss covered bed. After the kids were fed I fed the starving dog, now that it was almost 12pm. *Cue more cursing under breath here*

My husband left for work around 12:30pm to catch the train for his 4pm shift. He forgot his dinner. I don't feel bad.

Thankfully the kids have settled down and I'm back to a normal day of being a SAHM. Elizabeth has already peed 4 times in the potty on her own. Mikey is in his jumper having a blast and I have a few moments to write this post a.k.a  get my rant on. I have so many loads of laundry ahead of me, dishes to do and ants to kill so hopefully nothing else sets me off today.

And if you noticed, I wrote SAHM not WAHM but I'll write about that later or tomorrow if I get the chance. And no, I didn't get fired.

And for the record before anyone bad mouths the hubs, he is a great father that loves his kids! He slept late because Mikey kept us up all night screaming his head off and he needed to get ready for work. He has a crazy commute and won't get home 'til 3am. He may have neglected the diaper situation a bit but he didn't think it could be as bad as it was. It still pisses me off though nonetheless that I had to come home and take care of it when there was an able bodied parent in the house that could have done it for me. Oh well, lesson learned for both of us.

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